Drinking Culture Of India. Traditional Indian Drinks

Indian Soft Drinks

The Indian culture was known for prohibiting most of the alcoholic drinks. The alcoholic drinks were only consumed at very important traditional events. The alcoholic drinks were prohibited for the women and the underage male.  It was only meant for the elderly men and in rare cases elderly women. The non-alcoholic drinks commonly the beverages…

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Indian food the way it is made in India

The authentic Indian food and cuisine consists of variety of traditional and regional cuisines that are native in India depending on the climate, culture, soil type, diversity groups and occupations, the cuisines are slightly different from each other since they use different vegetables, herbs and fruits in the cooking process, and each of them implements…

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Street Life And Street Children in India

Streets of India

Indian nation is beautiful, where many religions of the world are united under the same flag. It is often considered as a poor and underdeveloped area. However, they are unaware of the lively streets and street life activities that will never make you feel bored. Many children play, work and live on the streets, which…

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Short History of Street Food. Love for Indian Street Food at Indico

Street Food

Street food consists of readymade food items that are sold by a vendor in markets or open places. They may include the solid food items, various drinks or juices. Street food has become a very important business nowadays. And people have always admired and loved street food and street food markets. You walk across the…

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Love for Street Art at Indico. Types of Street Art, History and More

Street Art, Street Artist, Mural

Indico is a famous street kitchen that has brought massive delicious Indian flavoured food items to UK. It has a beautiful form of street artwork decorating its atmosphere. Indeed, one feels pleasant to eat and sit in such atmosphere. The captivating artwork even makes the food taste more delicious. Everyone loves to sit in those…

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