Indian DJ Party for the First Anniversary of Indico

Indian street food is becoming more and more popular in the UK with new eateries opening every other month all over the country. Although this looks like a stable trend now, just a year ago the West Midlands were way behind. The whole Birmingham area lacked an Indian street food restaurant as such. Therefore, after spotting the opportunity, Indico Street Kitchen opened in the hearth of Shirley last November. Last Wednesday, 22 November 2017, we celebrated Indico’s first anniversary with a fabulous Indian DJ party.


DJ party and Indian food – is this a good combination?


It turned out to be a great one! Pairing delicious food and drinks with Indian pop music in a Bollywood-inspired street art ambience is exactly what you need for an unforgettable Indian experience. The in-house DJ spun a mix of classic Bhangra, Bollywood and mainstream hits from 7 pm onwards. In the meantime the bar was working at full force, serving 2for1 cocktails with an Indian twist. The offer included all Indico signature cocktails, which come with an intriguing fairytale-like story you could find in the specially designed drinks menu.

Indian DJ Party at Indico Indico Bar

This wasn’t Indico’s first music event. The Bhangra Night, which was held in October as a part of the Diwali celebrations, was a major success with over 100 people coming on a Wednesday evening to enjoy the live performance of Jeet Chahil and band. Furthermore, once a week the jazz lovers can enjoy live saxophone by Steve Ajao on our Thursday Ladies Night. The next big music event is planned for the New Years Eve. We will soon release the details, so stay tuned!


Recipe for the perfect Indico night


After our first birthday party, we believe to have found the recipe for the perfect Indico night. Just follow the simple steps below and we guarantee your good mood throughout the evening:

  1. COMPANY: Good moments are even better when shared with your loved ones.
  2. FOOD: Try a selection of delicious chaats (Indian street food starters), then continue your gastronomical journey to the streets of India with some mains from the tandoor (Indian-style oven) or curries. Finish with a tasty Indian dessert like Gulab Jamun, Gajar Ka Halwa or Kulfi and the famous Masala Chai (Indian tea).
  3. DRINKS: We all have a favourite drink we like to stick to. This is, however, the right moment to experiment with something new. Discover the exotic taste of Jaipur Passion, Soda Shikanji or Delhi Daiquiri. Spicy whiskey? Why not!
  4. MUSIC: Nothing better than some live music to complement your meal. Enjoy relaxing saxophone or cheerful Bhangra music in a vibrant atmosphere.

This is the simple recipe for a great night at Indico! If you want to get a better idea of our street art decor, food and drinks, as well as the regular or one-off events, click here to watch our first-anniversary video.