Top 5 Indian Summer Foods: What To Eat In The Hot Weather?

The temperatures are slowly rising as the summer sun wins over the famous British rain. What foods should we choose in the warm weather to nourish our body without feeling heavy? Countries with traditionally hot summer – like India – have many great dishes to offer. They will leave you feeling well-fed and refreshed at…

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Indian DJ Party for the First Anniversary of Indico

Indian street food is becoming more and more popular in the UK with new eateries opening every other month all over the country. Although this looks like a stable trend now, just a year ago the West Midlands were way behind. The whole Birmingham area lacked an Indian street food restaurant as such. Therefore, after…

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Top 5 Drinks To Order In Indian Restaurants

Indian Chai

One of the most popular cuisines in the UK is undoubtedly Indian, with thousands of different style venues all over the country. Indian curry houses, takeaways, fine dining and street food restaurants – they all represent different aspects of the rich Indian cuisine. We can say that Indian food is well covered here. What about…

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Indian food the way it is made in India

The authentic Indian food and cuisine consists of variety of traditional and regional cuisines that are native in India depending on the climate, culture, soil type, diversity groups and occupations, the cuisines are slightly different from each other since they use different vegetables, herbs and fruits in the cooking process, and each of them implements…

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