Love for Street Art at Indico. Types of Street Art, History and More

Indico is a famous street kitchen that has brought massive delicious Indian flavoured food items to UK. It has a beautiful form of street artwork decorating its atmosphere. Indeed, one feels pleasant to eat and sit in such atmosphere. The captivating artwork even makes the food taste more delicious. Everyone loves to sit in those surroundings and have their meal. The delicious food, beautiful surroundings, a nice rumbling music; all add to the elegance and grace of this street kitchen.

Street food and street art has a beautiful relation. They both complement one another. Therefore, we need to know what a street art is.

Types of Street Art


Some of its most common types are:
• Graffiti: It is a type of artwork that uses the help of symbols or words to make writings. These often give some message to the on looker. It is a sort of calligraphy art work. Its history dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It forms one of the most common forms of street artwork. You might have seen several times different types of writings on various public walls.
Guerilla sculptures: Sculptures are a form of art in which the artist carves out three dimensional objects. The materials used for them are metal, clay, stone etc. In common words, we call it statues. Ancient Greece is the place where this sculpture form of artwork initially started. These we often get to see of various eminent persons, in parks, on roads etc.
• Urban art: This is a form of artwork in which people living in cities, the lifestyles or cities structures is depicted through drawings.
• Poster artwork: This is also one of the common forms of artwork. You may see various posters placed on the walls while travelling through streets. These are often handmade or printed posters.
• Sticker Artwork: This utilizes the various stickers and is also called ‘sticker bombing’ or ‘sticker slapping’. Any message or an image is displayed on a sticker that is then placed on the desired place: ex, a street wall. Different political parties often use these stickers. The stickers are a lot cheaper and are easy to put to places.
• 3D Artwork: This is the most captivating form street artwork. ‘Kurt Wenner’ first invented it back in 1980. These form very realistic images and are totally successful in deceiving the person. For example, they may create a 3d image of a tree. You may fall into thinking it to be real though; it’s just a form of an artwork.
Some other types include the ‘stencil graffiti’ and ‘projections of videos ‘artwork.




The history of street artwork dates back with the origin of human existence. The cave man used to draw various things on the walls of their caves. They used to draw symbols on them for the others to understand the meanings. The images of human with stones can also be traced to their artwork.
It has an origin as old as the politics came in. The political parties used different means to spread their political missions. For example, they used the public walls for displaying the ‘graffiti type of work’. Where the party slogan along with the party’s symbol were drawn.


Modern Times


We can trace the origin of modern artwork back to the time of World War 2, where the painters used the walls to show the violent occurring during the wartime. It was a simple type of graffiti artwork. The graffiti artwork further flourished in 1960’s in New York, where the boom of graffiti artwork took place. It was in the form of different words and symbols. As time passed, the graphical or pictorial form of artwork came into light. at first, it emerged as simple graphical work. Now what we see is the peak point of artistry in street art work.
During all the initial times, this form of artwork kept gaining a lot of appreciations. The artists involved received appreciation at all levels. One of the most important historical events of note here is the ‘Berlin wall’, a wall constructed during 1961 in cold war. It was build to separate the Germany into western and eastern parts. And, in to two communities: capitalist and communist. Height of the wall was approximately 4 meters. Soon the artists began using the west front of wall to convey their messages. Soon many messages drawn on the wall along with graphical designs covered it up. It started depicting itself as some artwork is done intentionally on the wall. So it turned out to be one of the largest canvases.


Dark Aspects


Though this form of artwork has a vast background history attached to it. At first it was not as acceptable to the public, as it is now. The reason behind was the defacing of the property. However, the public options regarding the street artwork gradually kept on changing. Now people throughout the world adore it.
The street artwork is growing at an enormous rate. Moreover many artists are passionate about it and want to invest their time and hard work in beautifying the streets. We now often see the campaigns where artists use street artworks to give color and beauty to our cities.


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