Street Life And Street Children in India

Indian nation is beautiful, where many religions of the world are united under the same flag. It is often considered as a poor and underdeveloped area. However, they are unaware of the lively streets and street life activities that will never make you feel bored. Many children play, work and live on the streets, which they consider their home.

Most of the people in India prefer to spend their time on the streets. They have several different activities to perform such as:

  • Working
  • Selling
  • Driving
  • Farming
  • Playing
  • Herding cattle
  • Doing laundry
  • Transporting goods

Instead of spending time in their homes, people love to interact with others and have some quality time on the streets. They love to communicate with others and make some of the best memories of their life. This is the reason that in tough situations they find their friends supportive. It is often thought that street life is chaotic and crowded but it has seen some of the real prayers, genuine smiles and tears of happiness that you will not find in most luxurious homes.


Live and work on the streets


This is one of the most common ways of living that you will find in the street life of India. Most of the children will get up early in the morning, get dressed and not for the school but for their jobs. Many kids are earning a small amount of money by working to help their families make the both ends meet.

Such kids are the tue inspiration that will make you understand that instead of becoming a beggar they are earning a decent amount by working hard. Only for the few rupees, they will work day in and day out as waiter on a tea stall, a guide for the tourists or they have a small stall of sweets that attracts kids of the rich people.

It is heartbreaking to know that most of these kids are orphans and they have no one to take care of them. This is the reason that instead of getting the education they are living on the streets. However, the strong bond of love, trust, and sympathy you will find in these kids will not be available anywhere else.


Making ways for the streets children


The kids living on the streets also deserve to have a happy and prosperous life. This is the reason that many organizations have build a stronger bond to ensure that such kids will get the required education that will help them to get better jobs.

Many educational projects have been specially designed for such kids. As they have to work in order to earn so the organizations are paying the kids for the hours they would spend in the school. It has been done to attract the kids towards education. It is one of the biggest steps that have been taken in India to remove poverty.

So let us get together in this noble cause and help the kids living on the streets. It will not only give street children a home but also you will get many prayers in return.


Street Children of India Indian kids on the street